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What fascinates me in the culture of the paired state...
Asia is a very big continent. It has many countries one of them in which I live is India .It is a very diverse country where we have different languages, dresses, cultures ,religions etc. Inspite of this there is unity in diversity which bind us all. 
Situated at the heart of India,the most  populous  state of North  India called Uttar Pradesh- the heartland of India.Its capital is Lucknow situated on the bank of river Gomti.It is also home of India's most visited states like the Taj Mahal, kumbh City,Qutub Minar. Kathak one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances originated from Uttar Pradesh .It is special for its chikankari of Lucknow, Brassware of Moradabad ,marble work of Agra and silk sarees of Varanasi .Hare Krishna Hare Ram . How can we forget the birthplace of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama -Mathura and Ayodhya? North India is indeed very beautiful but the seven sisters of  northeast India are also unique in its own way. 
From these seven sisters- Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya are very unique .They receive heavy rainfall throughout the year especially in cherrapunji which is in Meghalaya .Arunachal Pradesh is also called land of Down-Lit mountains and orchid state because of its mesmerizing orchards. On the other hand Meghalaya is called the paradise of earth because of its great scenic  beauty.English is widely spoken in both the states .River Brahmaputra flows through the Arunachal Pradesh .Sage Parashurama washed away his sins in Arunachal which was then known as Prabhu Mountains. Sage Vyasa meditated in the forest of this region and lord Krishna married Rukmini at this legendary site of India.In Meghalaya the Khasi tribe is famous for growing root bridges trees which actually serve as bridges and are marvel that is not seen anywhere in the world.Meghalaya has a rich wildlife,mountain peaks,rivers etc.It is the home of the famous music and dance forms of North East India.
The immense unity in diversity makes India a beautiful nation that binds people together in the bond of humanity and peace.That's why we say “EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT”

   By :-
  Prem Haladini VB